A shared passion for industrial design
A dynamic shared with manufacturers
A practice that puts the product at the heart of strategies.

A network of independent design agencies optimises our actions.

Located in Paris, Barcelona, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Yuyao, partners Design (Pool) (Vitrac (Pool) & Morgan Design), Emmanuel Cairo, Stimulo and E&C are a network of designers or agencies. We work independently or together, depending on the issues and the scale of projects.

Industrial design or product design is the key to many activities.
It acts upstream and is involved in development strategies and business communication.

Generating new ideas, controlling their development (from concept to production) and making them available on the market (packaging, multi-media communication, merchandising) is at the heart of the business needs.

Product design commits itself in all sectors of production, from consumer goods and consumer products to professional activities, urban design, public spaces, transport and services...

For these reasons, product design involves creativity and experience.

We are able to work at various levels, from the concept of new products (prospective design), to the development of comprehensive programs in many fields of activity..

Our corporate contacts are desision-makers: to work directly with them requires flexibility and availability. This is the very reason for our networking organisation..
Our human-sized agencies promote exchange and dialogue, from the early stages of design to all the further levels of development, regardless of the actors involved.

The evolution of the means of study and representation (especially 3D and rapid prototyping) and the possibilities of real-time communication have greatly changed the situation; hence our creative and responsive teams (companies, ie design agencies)

In the light of this observation, the idea of a network based on the complementarity of partners appeared.

We share the same "idea" of design : we want to promote the idea of a creative, open and shared design which helps creative solutions to emerge and support real innovative projects

This site is a gateway to the network.

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